How quickly can I get a dumpster delivered?

Our typical delivery timeframe is 24-48 hours after your call; however planning in advance ensures we have the size you need!

What is included in the price?

Prices quoted include delivery, pickup and a flat rate of weight based on size.

How much space is needed for the dumpster?

As a small dumpster specialist, our dumpsters can fit in the size of an average parking spot - about anywhere you can fit the average size car.

Do you take precautions to help protect my driveway?

We place down boards under the wheels of each dumpster to help protect your driveway.

Can I move the dumpster myself after initial placement?

No, for your personal safety, and the safety of our equipment you cannot move the dumpster yourself after we place the dumpster.

What items can be placed in the dumpster?

We haul just about everything! Our only restricted items are bio-hazardous materials, medical waste, batteries, chemicals, and paint; and for Delaware customers landscape brush and trash cannot be mixed. Appliances and tires can be hauled for an additional fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Card, Cash or Check.

What is the average amount that fits in each size dumpster?

20 Yarders fit an average of 8-10 truck loads, 15 Yarders fit an average of 6-7 truck loads, and a 10 Yarder fit an average of 4-5 truck loads.

Can a dumpster be overfilled?

Yes, there is a maximum fill line on each dumpster that will show you where to stop in order ensure the dumpster can be hauled safely down the road.

What if my project requires more than one dumpster?

We can accommodate larger projects, either with multiple dumpsters onsite or making arrangements to continuously run dumpsters throughout your project.

What Our Clients Say

  • We are so appreciative of Mark and everyone at BPS Dumpsters! They are just a phone call away and take care of our dumpster needs quickly, which is very important in the construction business. The dumpster options work well for us, especially considering some of the areas in which we work. Fits right into a parking space as they say! Once full, swaps are readily available. You can’t go wrong with a local, family-owned company. They care about their customers and their reputation.

    Ocean Pines

  • Backshore was very prompt on getting my request on short notice and having them supplying us with a dumpster. Thank you again for the awesome service you provided.

    Ocean Pines

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