About Us

Why Should You Hire BPS Dumpster and Backshore Property Services?

A family owned local business, Backshore Property Services was formed in 2018 to provide snow removal services to the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Delaware. In the initial years of the company through the requests of clients, Backshore's offering of services expanded to include additional property maintenance services. Then in 2021, Backshore Property Services expanded once again by adding residential dumpsters services with the formation of BPS Dumpsters.

Being owner operated has allowed Backshore to adapt to the needs and schedules of our clients, while providing unique solutions to whatever projects arise. With each of our clients needs, we have had the opportunity to grow.

What Our Clients Say

  • We are so appreciative of Mark and everyone at BPS Dumpsters! They are just a phone call away and take care of our dumpster needs quickly, which is very important in the construction business. The dumpster options work well for us, especially considering some of the areas in which we work. Fits right into a parking space as they say! Once full, swaps are readily available. You can’t go wrong with a local, family-owned company. They care about their customers and their reputation.

    Ocean Pines

  • Backshore was very prompt on getting my request on short notice and having them supplying us with a dumpster. Thank you again for the awesome service you provided.

    Ocean Pines

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